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School Project Introduction and Educational Philosophy

In 2008 the CLCR team travelled to Nepal and commenced work with the Heartland Academy (HA) ,which is our latest educational project offering schooling opportunities to the underprivileged children of Kathmandu and broader Nepal. The school is administered by Global Development Group (GDG) and CLCR in Australia via its co-team located in Bafal - 13, Kathmandu, Nepal. In 2014 as governing body we transferred Heartland into an educational Trust body-The Karuna Trust. The school is now part of an educational network set up specifically to support educational development of the underprivileged of Nepal.

Our aim is to create Heartland as a model school within Kathmandu city through the provision of a school environment and a curriculum that is based both on academics and student learning needs as well as the development of relevant Nepali life skills. Through the implementation of in-school programmes the school will look to provide an exceptional quality of education and a healthy child friendly learning environment. It will incorporate programmes ,which aim to holistically develop the student and greater prepare them for life's challenges. Here are a few examples of the life skills programs we are offering the students alongside the compulsory Nepali curriculum:


    Kitchen garden and agricultural development program


    Work and careers experience.


    Conflict Resolution and positive communication development programmes


    Leadership Development Programme: identifying, shaping and creating Nepal's future leaders.


    Youth empowerment programs coordinated by our specially trained school counsellor.

Please follow the The HA School Project Activities link for more details about these programmes or visit the Heartland School's website.

The Heartland Specifics

Heartland is a co-educational school that offers classes from Nursery through to higher secondary class ten, and now we have expanded into the tertiary section offering grades: 11 and 12 as a matriculated college sector across subjects Science (research and education) and Management (commerce and business). Due to CLCR's governance, the school operates on a different level to other schools within Nepal. For example, it is service-orientated, the teaching methods are child-centered, and classroom numbers are limited in an effort to build greater student-teacher learning relationships. It utilises student management methods free from the violence currently used to discipline students in Nepal. It targets specifically the underprivileged population sectors such as the untouchable castes, the indigenous, disabled youth, orphaned children and the women of the country through educational scholarship opportunities. In fact many of the children featured within these photos attending HA are sponsored by generous individuals and organisations via our Student Scholarship Scheme/ Family Assistance Program (FAP).


The school currently has over 500 students spanning across school and college sector and over 70 teaching and non-teaching staff members. It is situated in the heart of Kathmandu with hostel facilities and a good sized playground featuring two full sized modeled basketball courts- approximately one acre in size. With your support we are looking to grow, bring a whole new approach to teaching in Nepal, and increase it’s benefit to the communities it is serving through resource and infrastructural development.

To achieve this we really need your help.

We use donations to renovate and better equip the school with things like new library facilities and books, teaching and learning resources, arts and sports equipment, and new exciting projects and programmes to inspire and broaden the minds of all our students. We need your help to make our plans a reality! Here are a few pictures of the current school facilities, the students and the Heartland teaching team. For us this is a reminder of the many things we are trying to achieve and the positive difference our efforts and a good education can make to a child's life. Please enjoy these pictures with the knowledge that many of these kids are attending Heartland through our Scholarship Education Scheme.

Here are a few pictures of the current school facilities, the students and the Heartland teaching team. For us this is a reminder of the many things we are trying to achieve and the positive difference our efforts and a good education can make to a child's life. Please enjoy these pictures with the knowledge that many of these kids are attending Heartland through our Scholarship Education Scheme.


Heartland Technology Hub Lab and Online learning Programs

Heartland is now equipped with two fully functional computer labs (we call this section within the school the ‘Heartland Technology Hub’) - featuring over 20 lap top computers connected to high speed wifi-internet and equipped with a range of online learning programs to support the literacy, numeracy and IT life skill development of our students and teachers. We have also installed Solar and battery packed generators to supply electricity during the many hours of daytime blackouts - which can last many hours - to ensure uninterrupted learning. To support this we have installed a surround sound system, data projector and screen in both labs and in many facilities across the school, providing us as a school the opportunity to enhance the educational depth of our students and connect via Skype with our educational partners in Australia (Ravenswood School for Girls, Emmanuel and Chatswood High School) as part of our Global Education program.


We have also partnered with three Australian online education providers (organisations) as part of our expanding Community Partnership (CP) programme to provide our students with a facility and learning opportunities not currently existing in Nepal.


3PLearning: Mathletics- a mathematics based programme bringing online Maths activities and games designed to support numeracy development of children around the world - now in HA and being used by our students at every opportunity.


3PLearning: Spellodrome; a literacy based online learning programme which we have adopted for supporting the English language development of our HA students.


Yourtutor: an on-line tutor and educational support organisation we have partnered with to assist our grade: 9-12 students with in an extra effort to gain educational knowledge and support with assessment and project based learning.


These partnerships help support CLCR's overall vision of providing holistic education opportunities that are not just based on academics but skills of relevance to Nepali's lives now, and in the future.

Heartland Learning Resource Room

This facility helps support CLCR's and Heartland's educational philosophy and focus on developing Nepali teachers' capacity to provide quality educational experiences for the underprivileged children of Nepal. Heartland is equipped with its own combined staff and learning resources room - packed with literature based on teaching practice and pedagogy, as well as resources collected, donated and purchased from around the world and in Nepal - including text books, worksheets, flash cards, posters, arts and crafts materials. There is also a variety of sized laminating machines, guillotines and multiple computers with internet access for research and educational planning. Heartland's teachers, as part of this development also create their own resources - such as flash cards and literacy and numeracy posters - which are already greatly benefitting the educational experiences of Heartland's students. 
Heartland in partnership with CLCR also write and develop their own curriculum (from Nursery to grade: 10) to reflect a high level of academic and life skill based excellence in the teaching and learning practices in each and every lesson.



These activities are part of a large scale, long-term programme to support the creation of better teaching and learning facilities in Nepal. Unfortunately, these types of facilities and resources are not common in other Nepali schools, and developments like these are only possible because of your support. Our aim is to be a model school that encourages the development of students and teachers alike.

Heartland's Library and Science Labs

These are two major focus areas for Heartland as a school, the development of significant literacy and scientific pedagogical skills and knowledge. Thus the significant development of these facilities at Heartland.


A double storey library featuring thousands of books, interactive technology such as Ipads (6 of them) and four computers to support research and knowledge development, as well as large open spaces equipped to engage our students in the best education possible. Pictures below.


Our school and college Science labs are like none other in Nepal. We have specifically designed these labs to be maximise opportunities for our kids to get the most out of practical science opportunities.

Heartland Nursery and Pre-Primary School Sector

We feel that this is a crucial part of a child's education, being the commencement of their schooling life it is important to start off on the right foot. At Heartland that's what we aim to do.


We believe that children at this age should not sit at desks for the entire day and be made to complete endless rote learning activities, rather they should benefit from the experiences of free play and exploration - so that learning can come naturally. We still have a major focus on students developing their knowledge, understanding and ability to apply the English and Nepali alphabet/ language, number application and counting, but we look to engage our pre-primary students with activities of a greater variety such as singing, dancing, being read to, playing outside, drawing and interacting with others.


We aim to develop our kids in as many facets as possible - socially, physically, emotionally, creatively, and general motor skills.


These changes have also brought about a modification in our assessment techniques we use for these Heartland classes, we don't believe in homework or written seated testing for this age group. So we look to asses our students via a range of different questioning and self-performance methods to truly evaluate each child's strengths and areas of needed further development. With this system we feel we can more accurately target the learning and developmental needs of each child in an effort to help them start school on the right foot.


Our pre-primary teachers have undertaken rigorous and ongoing professional development and training sessions with the help of CLCR Australia, Early Childhood Education Center (ECEC) and volunteers from our partner Currambena pre and primary school, Sydney, Australia. With these changes we have seen the positive proof of better child development in terms of learning across all areas of activities, behavior and interactions with class peers and increased interaction in a greater variety of activities.

Lower and Upper Kindergarten Expansion and Improvements

In 2011, expansion plans for our Lower Kindergarten (LKG) and Upper Kindergarten (UKG) classes were realized. These plans were both physical, with newly built and brightly painted rooms, and educational, with 2 full-time teaching staff in both LKG and UKG. The team-teaching method has proven to boost creativity in educational methods as well as provide flexibility with indoor/outdoor activities.


Here are few photos of the LKG, UKG and grade: 1 classes in action.

Meeting, Seminar and Recreation Hall

Heartland now has a specialty undercover big hall for meetings, seminars and recreation activities. This space also enables us to expand our teacher training program and cultural (such as dance and theater) programs, and our family assistance program (teaching English and literacy skills to parents of students).

The Heartland Hostel: The complete development support package

Heartland offers our hostel services to any child attending Heartland, but we specifically make it available to scholarship students from both Kathmandu and from outside the valley. The essence of providing these children with hostel facilities is to cater for their every need; educationally, emotionally and personally. Many of the children within our hostel have lived an underprivileged life and often lack an appropriate level of care and education. Thus, we focus on the whole package in an effort to provide them with the support, resources, learning environment and opportunities that would otherwise see them most probably living on the streets. Below is a picture of one of our current hostel rooms, which we plan to expand and renovate in an effort to take on more kids and provide an even greater level of care for the Heartland scholarship students. We follow this initiative up with the employment of a whole school counselor, Ms Neetu Adhikari, to support students who may have suffered trauma or social dis-function within their lives. Our counselor also implements a range of social, health and moral development programs throughout all years at Heartland as part of embedding this into weekly lessons.Below is a picture of Ms Neetu Adhikari within HA.

Heartland Student Scholarship Scheme

One of our major focuses is providing the underprivileged and marginalized groups of Nepal with the opportunity of a free education at Heartland. We are able to offer this through our Student Scholarship Scheme and Family Assistance Program (FAP). Within this scheme we target Nepal's orphans, street kids, the disabled, untouchable castes and the women of Nepal. All these groups are vastly underrepresented and often either cannot afford to attend or lack the opportunity to attend the schools in their area. We have created this scheme to give you the opportunity to sponsor a child in need with an education at Heartland. Sponsoring a child is not just giving them the opportunity at receiving a quality education but radically changing their life and future opportunities for the better. You can do for this just AUD$1.25 per day - AUD$37.50 per month.


If you are interested in sponsoring a child and want to find out more, click on our Student Scholarships link or our contacts page to speak to us directly about your involvement in this exciting life changing program.

Donating: CLCR Annual Donations Scheme and Student Scholarships: School Sustainability, now and for the future of Nepal!

We Need Your Support

To keep this fantastic Heartland Academy (HA) project going we need your financial support. Donations, big or small give us the opportunity and flexibility to provide the resources, teachers, infrastructure and the right learning environment to positively support these children through education and welfare.


Contributions can be in the form of CLCR membership, through student scholarships/sponsorships or via our Adopt-a-Project scheme. Every dollar can make a difference, we know this first hand.


If you are interested in contributing to CLCR, you can donate now using the Westpac secure Our Community website site or follow the Donate Us button on the Home Page. If you would like to become a member, please take a look at our fully tax deductible memberships categories.


Alternatively, you can deposit directly into our Australian account:

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All donations over $2 made in Australia and the USA to our approved aid and development project (J537) CLCR's HA Nepali School Project are tax deductible. Receipts will be issued by Global Development Group and forwarded onto donors via CLCR.