CLCR | The Centre for Learning and Children's Rights - CLCR Package projects for Teacher Training

Project Description

$80 - Non-Violence Teacher training workshop: (The training course is based upon sponsoring a teacher to attend a Conflict Resolution training course run by CLCR or a specific identified training session coordinated by Early Childhood Education centre) ~Ideal for fellow teachers or schools to take on as a gift


$80 - Purchase two whiteboards to help us create a more learning conducive environment for our teacher training sessions.


$100 - Sponsor the writing, development and publication of 20 teacher training manuals or further school curriculums to be used within our in school Quality Teaching and Planning workshops and every day teaching.


$250 - Purchase five table and chair furniture sets to be used within school or Heartland college sector.

Project Details

To adopt and sponsor a project listed or to make further enquires about any of the available projects you can contact us, alternatively you can contact our on the following details:


Project Coordinator: Chris Price

Australian Mobile: 0402 484 655

E-mail Address: