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Professional development and teacher training programme

The second initiative supported by CLCR is based upon the continuation of a teacher training programme. Formerly sponsored by UNICEF the programme aims to increase the level of teaching quality and give teachers a greater range of skills to manage disciplinary issues within and outside the classroom.


There has been a long history of both corporal punishment and humiliation used within Nepali schools as a means to handling discipline issues in the classroom. As a result there is a large number of student drop-outs from all levels of schooling which has only continued to perpetuate the cycle of poverty within the country and cause a lack of motivation from the youth in regards to school and education.


It is offered as a professional development outreach programme that travels to schools to conduct teacher training. The programme not only focuses upon developing quality teaching methods but also on implementing the use of conflict resolution within all situations/ interactions in an effort to solve conflicts peacefully without the use of violence, and find resolutions that suit all parties within schools.

Thus far the programme has been implemented in over 50 Nepali schools over the last 10 years and has positively influenced over 200 hundred teachers and 15000 students.


The school will also act as an out-of-schools hours community centre offering the communities of Nepal an opportunity to participate in a range of educational and life-style based programmes, such as conflict resolution and language development.


We have implemented this teacher training program in our Heartland (HA) school project and continued to provide ongoing professional development to all staff based on their need and progression. Heartland is a pillar in the community for educating its children without the use of violence or humiliation as many other schools do. We are always looking for support to further these workshops within Heartland. In fact, training Nepali teachers to make a positive difference in the class room is one of our main operational goals.


Recently we have partnered with the Dutch group Early Childhood Education centre (ECEC) to support the specific development, capacity and teaching practices of our pre-primary teachers. A fantastic and beneficial partnership that has really created positive shifts thus far.


Below are pictures of our teacher training initiatives from 2011-2018.

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Heartland Parental Training programs

Since 2011 Heartland Executive and staff across the school have worked to develop parental training initiatives specific to the development needs of our parental community. Whom many have not attended school in their life and would be considered illiterate in basic reading, writing and counting ability (in Nepali and English language). The training is built around building their capacity to support themselves, make better choices for their children and family and build their skills to support eventual employment.

The training operates on an ongoing basis and has had a major positive impact upon all participants. Below are some pictures of some of the parents who have received training through this CLCR program of influence.