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Heartland Higher Education Sector

This initiative is strongly endorsed by our project partner, Global Development Group, and is part of furthering the long term support of Nepali education by adding a Higher Education Sector to the Heartland Academy (HA).


In 2015 Heartland opened this wing, Heartland College and Higher Education sector. It involves the creation of a year 11 and 12 (Plus: 2) set of classes featuring study options such as Science Research and Education and Management of Tourism and Business Principles. As well as English language, IT, Nepali language and Conflict Resolution skills. This will enable students to carry on their studies with us after year 10 and gain a valuable Higher Education certificate that is recognised nationally and internationally and will provide a stepping stone into further tertiary studies.


There are numerous benefits to the Plus 2 programme. Our students will have greater employment opportunities, as well as adding an extra dimension to Heartland and its ability to provide greater educational reach to the underprivileged and marginalised caste groups within Nepal. Heartland, in conjunction with CLCR Australia & our educational trust developed body (The Karuna Trust), have developed the curriculum and delivery mode of the college's courses in conjunction with teachers from the Australian school, Chatswood High School and Macquarie University. As well as constructing specific facilities modelled for the delivery of this specialised higher education sector.


The predominant scholarship target group are Nepalese women. This facility also acts as a tecaher training facility and as an out of hours study centre for students who have previously failed the Nepali School Leaving Certificate (SLC) (the Australian equivalent of completing year 12), and an addition to Heartland's class room facilities. This enables us to act as an 'Education Mega Centre' in Kathmandu, covering multiple facets of education and development including schooling (Preschool-12), teacher training, resource development, and study assistance for the SLC examination.


In establishing the Plus 2/ Higher Education Sector, Heartland and CLCR have partnered with The LBW Trust, Australia , Batting For Change (BFC) movement, Rotary Clubs of Lane Cove (Sydney), Kathmandu West (Nepal) and Rotary International. We greatly appreciate their support as these bodies have helped us manage, fund and coordinate the long term sustainability of educational opportunities for the underprivileged population sectors of Nepal. The pictures below outline our developments thus far:


Including three specialised Science Labs: Biology, Chemistry and Physics-all connected with Bunsen burner gas, water and Wifi internet, four specialised lecture theaters with individual work benches and IT portable projectors. Large scale research and study library, featuring individual work places, resources and texts for each subject delivered, Wifi and over 10 IPADS to support research and learning. We also have built a college canteen with a large variety of meals, snacks, Nepali tea and coffee.

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