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CLCR | The Centre for Learning and Children's Rights - CLCR Package projects for Education of Nepali Children 2018

Project Description

$70-Heartland Student Stationery Package including (exercise books, colored pencils, art paper, paint brushes, water color paints, rulers, Mathematics kit, biro pens, and crayons


$120 - Heartland Sports Gear Package (2 soccer balls, 2 Cricket Bats, 10 tennis balls, 1 volleyball, 4 badminton racquets, 5 badminton shuttle cocks, 1 basketball) ~a great support initiative for a local sporting club or sports store for our kids


$100 - Heartland Library Support Package (purchase of a range of fiction and Non-fiction Nepali bilingual and English books) ~a perfect way to support a fellow teacher or a school that understands the benefit of books to a child's education


$220 - Heartland Musical instrument package (2 guitars, 6 hand drum sets, 2 xylophones, 5 symbols, 25 clapping sticks, 20 recorders) ~give the gift of music to a Nepali child


$300 - Renovate a Room: Renovate one of Heartland current or to be built new class rooms. Your sponsorship will supply paint, floor mats, shelving, a whiteboard, a variety of learning aides such as puzzles, flip cards, text books, posters, pens and pencils for a whole class of 25 students.


$450 - Heartland Technology Package (1 Lap/ Desk top computer for our school's Computer lab) ~help us build our students skills in IT and on-line research.


$450/ year - A Heartland Student education through our Scholarship and Family Assistance Program (FAP). (long term expectation and ongoing support needed for this initiative) ~a great way for an Australian family to help support a Nepali one


$12,000 - Heartland school and college class room building construction. This will hold over 25 kids per class room and help us educate hundreds of young adults in the future.

Project Details

To adopt and sponsor a project listed or to make further enquires about any of the available projects you can contact us, alternatively you can contact our on the following details:


Project Coordinator: Chris Price

Australian Mobile: 0402 484 655

E-mail Address: