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Mission Statement

To provide quality, child-centred, violence-free educational opportunities to as many Nepali children as possible, regardless of age, gender, religion or caste.


Key strategy to achieve this goal: Develop the Heartland Academy (HA), Nepal, into a model school, where child-centred education approaches result in students achieving excellent academic results.


It is our aim to influence educational methods throughout Nepal, so as many Nepali teachers as possible will experience and understand that there are progressive teaching practices, and student management methods, that are available and easy to implement. This will involve the implementation of teacher-training programmes and forums, the creation of Nepali educational resources, and the provision of schooling opportunities to university level for all students regardless of their social background.

CLCR Education Consultancy

The second major activity that CLCR undertakes is the delivery and management of educational consultancy services throughout Nepal. Based upon partnering with Nepali private and government institutions to :

  1. Support capacity development via the delivery of teacher training workshops in teaching skill, student behaviour and effective resource use in the class room.

  2. We specialise in enhanced school management practices and system implementation via executive mentoring and situational analysis to create better managed schools. We can do this for you!

To support this activity and the broadening of its impact CLCR Nepal operates as the board of Trustee members for our Nepali Educational Trust: ‘The Karuna Trust’. The Karuna Trust was developed in 2014 and successfully transitioned Heartland as a school into this body.

CLCR Team Australia

Patrick Price

CEO and Founder of CLCR

Chris Price

Secretary of CLCR

Cathy Crane

Heartland & CLCR Director

Rachel Pearl

CLCR Scholarship Coordinator

Robert Phillip

CLCR Executive Committee Member